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Independent Person (Ethical Standards)
Bromley Civic Centre

London Borough of Bromley

Appointment of Independent Person (Ethical Standards)


Do you want to help us promote high ethical standards at Bromley Council and be a better Bromley?


Are you interested in:

·       making a difference to your local community

·       upholding high ethical standards

·       shaping the discussion on ethical behaviour in local government in Bromley

·       supporting good judgement and governance


We are seeking to appoint one or more “Independent Person(s)” to provide an impartial, balanced and informed view on complaints about the behaviour of councillors and contribute to the oversight of ethical standards in local government in Bromley.  The role is defined in the Localism Act 2011.


Independent Persons sit as co-opted members of our Standards Committee, which meets three times a year and is responsible for monitoring our Code of Conduct and promoting high ethical standards amongst elected councillors. Independent Persons liaise with local authority staff and councillors, review and comment on Standards proposals (and complaints) and get involved in ethical accountability conversations with local leaders and senior council officials, working collegiately with fellow committee members.


Some knowledge of corporate governance in local government, charities, schools or public bodies would be an advantage, but no particular qualifications or experience are required.


This is an unpaid and voluntary position and would be for an initial period of one year and would be expected to take up no more than 5-10 hours a month of your time.


If you feel that you have suitable qualifications and experience for carrying out this role please send a brief expression of interest (max. 500 words) to Graham Walton, Democratic Services Manager, by 17 September 2021 at the following address: committee.services@bromley.gov.uk   


To apply, you will need to be:


  • over the age of 18
  • not be involved as an active member of a political party or in the management of a local lobbying group.

·       not a current or recent employee or councillor of the London Borough of Bromley (within the last five years), or a relative or close friend of such a person.


For an informal discussion about the role please contact -


  • Graham Walton (Democratic Services Manager) on 020 8461 7743 or
  • Philippa Gibbs (Deputy Democratic Services Manager) on 020 8461 7638

Job Description.docx 

Papers for the Council’s Standards Committee and a role description and person specification for the Independent Person can be viewed on the Council website at - https://cds.bromley.gov.uk/ecCatDisplay.aspx?sch=doc&cat=14255